Просмотр полной версии : ArmA 3 - Breaking Point

22.12.2013, 04:56

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Место выживания отряда TY: EU#1

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Вышел мего патч!

New: Weapons 2.0
New: Loot System 2.0
New: Dynamic Weather System 2.0
New: Player Interaction 2.0 + Hostage System
New: Client / Server Performance Improvements
New: Players who are shot by TranQ rounds have a chance to drop their gun.
New: Server Cleanup now uses Background Scheduled Threading. ( Less Delay In Event Handlers)
Fixed: Dead Bodies now won't be removed if a player is nearby. ( Issue 63 )
Fixed: Simulation Bug causing Zombie's to not be lootable. ( Issue 54 )
Fixed: Simulation Being disabled too quickly on dead zombies. ( Issue 76 )
Fixed: Game Crashes When a Entity Is Deleted When Being Looted. ( Issue 39 )
Fixed: Fog At Mission Start ( Issue 23 )
Fixed: Car Battery Texture Not Appearing Unless you are close. ( Issue 15 )
Fixed: Attachment Compatbility Isuses on MK2 Tranq Pistol ( Issue 36 )
Fixed: Weapon Attachments are lost when a player dies ( Issue 61 )
Fixed: Animals Performing AOE Damage On Players ( Issue 26 )
Fixed: Backpack Weapons Not Being Re-Added Correctly on Player bodies.
Fixed: Item Cargo not saving correctly in backpacks.
Fixed: Water Bottle Weight
Fixed: Certain Medical Items were not being re-added when animation was cancelled.
=Small Bandage / Military Field Dressing / Morphine
Fixed: Small Chance Of Toolbox / Surgery Kit disappearing when being loaded in on login.

27.03.2014, 03:21

New: Inital Implementation Of Faction System
New: Added Bystrica Map.
New: Zombie Skin Varients.
New: Alpha Dev Loading Screen / Errors.
New: Detailed Player Stats are now being tracked.
Upgraded: Database Schema / Optimisations
Fixed: Several Weapons Missing Sounds.
Fixed: A few weapons missing 'Stab' Ammo.
Optimised: Player Gear Sync
Improved: Server Threading for Login, Group Up etc.
Improved: Server Event Handlers
Improved: PBO File Structure For Map Data.
Removed: Unused Humanity System Code.

New: All Vehicles and Tents are now force-saved just before the restart.
New: Player Login is now non-thread blocking.
Improved: Server Cleanup.
Re-Enabled Simulation Manger.

Disabled Simulation Manger To Compare Possible Desync Loss. Frame Loss Expected.

Lowered Server Impact Of Mass Player Login.
Possible Server Process Crash Fixes.
Fixed Dead Bodies being Incorrectly Cleaned up.
More Adjustments to Zombie Count Limiter.
Server Server Simulation Disabled on Debug Bodies.
Updated Heartbeat / Effects for Bandits, Rogues etc.

New: Login System Improvements
Fixed: Invite To Group Script Error.
Fixed: Zombie Count Limit Still Not Working.

New: Bayonet Equipped Weapons Added
(M4, M4-300, Enfield, M1903 , M21, M25)
New: Players can only group when not in combat.
New: Hatchet Animation Improvements.
New: Added a Message on the force save action.
Fixed: Zombies Infinite Spawning.
Fixed: Hatchet Run Speed.
Fixed: TranQ Rounds not working.
Fixed: Damage Wrong / Not Registering Correctly Since Arma 1.12.
Fixed: Players killing each other in debug.
Fixed: TranQ Shots taking down helis and vehicles.
Fixed: Blackout 30 Round Mag Bullet Count.
Improved: Thrisk Lighting Configuration.

New: Melee Weapons In Launcher Slot :)
New: Animation and Speed Improvements.
New: M4 300 Rifle.
Fixed: TranQ Ammo Not Registering Correctly.

Improved: Simulation Mgr
Fixed: Missing Weapons / Items on Player Bodies.
Fixed: Getting Shot by TranQ while unconcious resets timer.
Fixed: Script Errors on Fatal Fall / Instant Kill.
Fixed: Player can now hear death hit sound.
Fixed: Storage Object Ignite Fire will now be on the object
instead of being next to it.
Modified: Zombie Count For Thirsk

Fixed: Server Cleanup not checking if the nearby player was alive or not.
Fixed: Cannot Open Inventory Near a Dead Player.

Fixed: Server Cleanup Loading Incorrect Cleanup Config.
Fixed: Unconcious Heal Key / Vault Exploit.
Possible Fix: Spinning Around When Unconcious.

New: Mission File Support / Addon Dependencies Changed.
Fixed: Loot Coords for several buildings.
Special Thanks to DayZ Zero Team Allowing use of enterable buildings on Thrisk.

Fixed: Refuel / Siphon Script Errors.
Fixed: Vehicles not repairing when local to server.

Fixed: Primary Weapon Deleting after going unconcious.
Fixed: Simulation Issues with Storage Objects.
Fixed: Simulation Changes for Loot Objects.
Fixed: Possible Server Process Crash

New: Loot Cleanup Configuration Is Now Map Specific :)
Fixed: Loot Cleanup thread lasting longer then its execution time.
Fixed: Character Corruption Glitch Related To Vehicles.
Fixed: Server Object Destruction / Destroy Queue.
Fixed: Script Errors related to Vehicle Siphoning and Refueling.
Fixed: Issues with Loot Object References being sent over the network.
Fixed: Storage Locality Checks for Client.
Improved: Client Simulation and JIP FPS Fixes.
Improved: Event Handlers for Vehicles and Storage Objects etc.

Fixed: Players taking other people hostage when unconcious.
Fixed: Being stuck in a swimming animation on login.
Fixed: Random Mission Completes / Disconnects on Stratis.
Improved: Login Error Screens/Messages.
Other: Minor Weapon Name Changes / General Fixes.

Fixed: Issues with Stratis Spawn Points.
Fixed: Debug Radius being too large.
It is now being defined as map specific radius and position.

New: Spawn items now start in your uniform instead of your backpack.
New: Login System Improvements.
Fixed: Issues with player bodies now retains full inventory.
Fixed: Dead Bodies now spawned are at the correct height.
Fixed: Extra Binoculars and Rangefinders being deleted.
Improved: Simulation Mgr for Helis and other Vehicles.

New: Inital Stratis Support
New: Storage Gear Saving System.
Fixed: Tents / Crates being indestructable when being ignited.
Fixed: Fireplaces could not be destroyed.
Fixed: Several Weapon Scopes had missing textures / bad alpha mapping.

Fixed: Hatchet
Fixed: Death screen not being displayed correctly sometimes.
Fixed: Player Death Event Duplication Caused By Drowning.
0.1199 / 0.1200

New: Impact effects for players who are killed by a headshot.
Fixed: Fast Weapon Switching Loop Bug ( Issue 205 )
Fixed: MXM DMR SoS Scope ( Issue 351 )
Fixed: AR 15 FP SoS Scope ( Issue 357 )
Fixed: Bandits level being Incorrectly identified.
Fixed: Server Process crash when a player died.
Improved: Execution Time Of Death Script.
Improved: Bullet Hit Values.

Fixed: Simulation Manager Gunshot Sounds and Reload Noises.
Fixed: Several UI Assets Missing
Fixed: Custom Heal Icon Not Working ( Issue 410 )
Fixed: Radar Still Working ( Issue 411 )
Fixed: Character Death Events being Registered Multible Times.

New: Simulation Manager 2.0
New: Glitched Areas Manager ( Stops Collision Exploits )
New: Server and Client FPS Improvements.
Fixed: Ranger Barracks Collision Rock Exploit.
Notice: Using collsion exploits will get you banned.

New: All Zombies, Loot are Mass Deleted on Server Restart.
New: All Vehicles, Storage Objects are Mass Saved on Server Restart.
New: Campfires are now limited to one per player per session.
New: Edited 'Mission Completed Screen' to be more useful.
Fixed: Server Side Memory Leak on Mission Restart.
Fixed: Invalid Character Names causing Server Process Crashes ( More Info )
Fixed: High Load Situations Causes Players to spawn as seagull ( Issue 386 )
Fixed: Leave Group Key Inside a Vehicle Results in Death ( Issue 383 )
Fixed: Tent Gear Duplication Exploit ( Issue 380 )

New: Melee Weapons ( Hatchet )
Fixed: fn_groupFix Script Error ( Issue 328 )
Fixed: Generic Error 1 ( Issue 340 )
Fixed: Generic Error 2 ( Issue 341 )
Updated: Weapons / Sounds

Fixed: Script Error On Login ( Issue 326 )
Fixed: Missing RVMAT Config Error ( Issue 330 )
Fixed: Enfield Wever Scope ( Issue 298 )
Fixed: M14 DMR Match Invisible ( Issue 325 )
Fixed: Unable to load Custom.rvmat ( Issue 330 )

New: Simulation Manager
Fixed: Group Icons Not Visible ( Issue 312 )
Fixed: Group System Compromised ( Issue 89 )
Fixed: Ghillie Suit Gear Support ( Issue 261 )
Fixed: Incorrect Text for 10 Rnd TranQ Rnd ( Issue 260 )
Fixed: Incorrect Text for 5 Rnd TranQ Rnd ( Issue 288 )
Fixed: FAMAS Rifles Wrong Ammo ( Issue 302 )
Fixed: Survivalist Status Gained without Zed Kills ( Issue 297 )
Disabled: Almyra Trade Outpost ( Server Preformance )

New: Major Server Stability Improvements
Disabled: Fog Until MP Sync Issues are resolved.
Fixed: Loot Cleanup / Dead Body Cleanup not working as intended.

New: Server Stability Improvements
Fixed: Incorrect Name and Desc for TranQ 10 Rounds ( Issue 260 )
Fixed: M249 Saw Gun Model Invisible ( Issue 277 )
Fixed: Muzzle Flash for CZ Weapons ( Issue 273 )
Fixed: Server Cleanup removing nearby loot ( Issue 275 )
Fixed: Server Cleanup Interval was Incorrect.

Fixed: Survivalist Gear shows up early ( Issue 262 )
Fixed: Certain Weapon Sights on MK 14 EBR ( Issue 231 )
Fixed: Kimber Knight Warrior Mag Compatibility ( Issue 234 )
Fixed: Floating Loot Boxes at Dock Locations ( Issue 213 )
Fixed: Mission Completed Login Errors when in Vehicles.
Fixed: Humanity System reconising players wrongly as hero / bandit.

Fixed: Industrial Loot not spawning in certain locations.
Fixed: Hero / Bandit / Rogue/ Survivalist Spawn Gear/Weapons/Clothing.
Changed: 7.62 TranQ Rounds changed to .22 for use in the CZ452
Changed: Moved Hero / Bandit Clothing from Military to Residential.
Changed: Water Bottle Percentage Slightly Increased.

New: Ability to store gear in your uniform slot.
Fixed: Rangefinders and Binoculars were not saving correctly.
Other: Gear Saving / Performance Fixes.

Known Issue: No Humanity Items on Login
Known Issue: Certain Toolbelt Items not Saving.
Fixed: Gear Saving System Errors.
Fixed: Incorrect Hero / Bandit Skin and Items on Login.

New: Gear Saving System Implementation
New: Login / Server Auth Error Messages System
Fixed: Object Destroy Queue not being processed correctly.
Fixed: AR16 7.62 Animation ( Issue 115 )
Fixed: Damage from Loot Boxes ( Issue 175 )
Fixed: Players spawning in debug ( Issue 38 )
Fixed: Magazine Mesh Issue with AR 15 FP Rifle ( Issue 170 )
Fixed: Magazines Disappearing On Restart / Log In ( Issue 112 )
Fixed: Inventory Items being shuffled. ( Issue 187 )
Fixed: CZ Barrel Mod and Scope Invisible Inventory ( Issue 167 )
Fixed: M21 Rifle Graphical Glitch ( Issue 165 )
Fixed: No Sound with Remington 300 Blackout ( Issue 157 )
Fixed: MK12 SPR / AK107 / AK 105 Bugs ( Issue 149 )
Fixed: Flashlight Attachment on MK 12 ( Issue 132 )
Fixed: Slightly lowered zed count due to CPU impact.

Fixed: Various Weapons Missing Sounds / Outdated.
Fixed: Some Issues with Zombies not loitering after spawning. ( Issue 156 )
Fixed: Skip / Industrial Bin Collsion Mesh / Model Scale and Targeting ( Issue 134 )
Fixed: Object Spawn chance at certain Industrial loot buildings.
Fixed: Other Undocumented Weapons fixes by Valtiel.

Note: Zombies are not 100% perfect and will require on-going fixes.
Fixed: CZ 550 Muzzle Flash ( Issue 130 )
Fixed: KA-Bar Duplicates after Cut Tape Attempts. ( Issue 135 )
Fixed: NATO 5.56 Ammo can't be used on HK 416. ( Issue 126 )
Fixed: Issue with server cleanup not cleaning up objects correctly.
Fixed: Bullet Issue with Enfield Scope.
Fixed: Zombie Animation Issues when spawning.
Fixed: Zombie pathfinding issues.
Improved: Loot System.

Fixed: Enfield Muzzle Flash Issues
Improved: Loot Balance In Residential and Military
Fixed: M110 Pop Up Error.
Added: Remington 300 Blackout Rifle

Fixed: Server Crash / Preformance Issues on Bootup.
Fixed: Loot System Player Locality Issues / Number Of Dynamic Objects Per Building.
Improved: MP Sync Issues with Fog / Time / Weather Systems. ( Still Not Perfect )
Fixed: Transition Time Between Fog being activated.
Fixed: Scale of some Dynamic Loot Objects.

22.10.2014, 20:15
попробывал сыграть такто норм, кто щас играет в bp?

24.10.2014, 04:15
мы играем на EU1