Просмотр полной версии : Правильное оформление названия мп карт

11.06.2011, 20:36
Имя в брифинге: МОД[ТИПЧИСЛОСЛОТОВ] Название версия автор(Пример:ACE[CO20] Bastam v1.0 Galet)
Имя файла: МОД[ТИПЧИСЛОСЛОТОВ]Название_версия_автор (пример:ACE[CO20]Bastam_v1.0_Galet)

Типы мп карт:
A&D - Attack and Defend
AAS - Advance and Secure
C&H - Capture and Hold
CTF - Capture the Flag
CTI - Conquer the Island (Warfare)
CO - Cooperative (only AI opponents)
DM - Death Match
FF - Flag Fight
PvP - Player vs. Player (title that covers most PvP modes)
RPG - Role Playing Game
SC - Sector Control
TDM - Team Death Match
TvT - Team vs. Team (2 or more opposing teams in an objective based Co-op setting)
AnS - Combination of AAS and A&D
C&K - Capture and Kill
COMBI - Combination of C&H and CTF
CTB - Capture the Base
E&E - Escape & Evasion
HUNT - Hunting (Player vs. Creature)
KOTH - King of the Hill
MISC - Miscellaneous (genres not fitting in any category)
OBJ - Objective (Co-op style objectives with PvP element)
RC - Race
RTS - Real Time Strategy
TFF - Team Flag Fight
TRNG - Training Missions
VIP - Protection/Assassination (Team vs. Team / Team vs. Player)